Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine


  • High Productivity
  • Precise Bag Making
  • Twisted Rope Handle Application
  • Versatile Bag Specifications
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Quality and Durability
  • Energy Efficiency

    The complete machine is divided into 6 parts as follows:

  • Roll Feeding Section
  • Bag Forming Unit
  • Handle Making Unit
  • Handle Sticking Unit
  • Delivery Conveyor¬†Unit
  • Machine¬†Electrical Panel

Technical Specification

S.no Model GNSBM-360 GNSBM-460 GNSBM - 460L
1. Paper bag part
Cutting Length C 270-530mm
Bag Width W 120-330mm
200-330mm (Handle)
240-450mm (Handle)
240-450mm (Handle)
Bottom Width H 80-200mm
80-180mm (Handle)
80-180mm (Handle)
100-220mm (Handle)
Paper Thickness 60-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
80-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
80-140 gsm
80-140 gsm (Handle)
Paper Roll Maximum Width 1050mm 1290mm 1290mm
Roll Paper Diameter 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Paper Core 78mm 78mm 78mm
2. Rope Handle part
Patch Lengtn a 152mm 180mm 180mm
Patch Widtn b 45-50mm 45-50mm 45-50mm
Handle Rope Height d 100mm 100mm 100mm
Handle Distance c 75mm 95mm 95mm
Rope Diameter 3-5mm 3-5mm 3-5mm
Patch Paper Roll Widtn 90-100mm 90-100mm 90-100mm
Patch Paper Roll Diameter 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Patch Paper Thickness 100-130gsm 100-130gsm 100-130gsm

Fully Automatic Twisted Rope Handle Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine combines precision engineering and innovative features to streamline the bag-making process. With this machine, you can effortlessly produce square bottom paper bags with sturdy twisted rope handles, meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly and stylish packaging solutions.


Bag width 220-460mm
Paper Thickness 60-150GSM
Max. Bag bottom width 100-200mm
Tube length 260-430mm
Rolled paper width 625-1350mm
Rolled paper diameter 1300mm
Inner diameter of paper 76mm
Total power 15KW (3Phase)
Air pressure 690KPA
Net weight 7500KG
Max. speed 30-150pcs/min
Dimension approx. 15*8*2.6m
Handle paster length 190mm
Handle paster width 50mm
Paper rope spacing 95mm
Handle paper rope diameter 3-5mm
Handle poster paper roll width 100mm
Handle paper roll width 1000mm
Handle paster gram per square meter 80-135g/m2

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