Each Machine is Crafted For Superior Performance And is Put Through The Most Stringent Quality Tests.

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Quality Has Always Been A Part Of Our Service

Our ‘Quality Culture’ underlines all business plans and strategies with the customer at the core.We better understand the importance of quality in printing & packaging; hence, we stringently control the quality of products manufacture and ensure that all our web offset printing, packaging machines & all other products are free from any kind of defects. Stringent quality control is being applied right from raw material is inspected and tested against relevant quality plan till manufacturing, testing, and setting of the final products. Proven and successful machine for almost the last two decades has won the customer trust for its finest product.

At G.A.I Graphics House, the focus of the quality initiative is on the customers to achieve the customer’s satisfaction by

  • Continuous improvement of our products and services through innovation
  • Guiding the customer to select appropriate technologies
  • A key endeavor in meeting or exceeding customer requirement in terms of quality and delivery of our products
  • Ensure timely availability of spares, services and support

G.A.I Graphic House is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company & CRISIL rated company who believes in their customers' and end-users' satisfaction and strives for built-in quality in their products. Earnest efforts are made to meet the quality and cost expectations of the customer.

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The main aim to working towards for ISO 9001: 2015 certification to minimize trade and technical barriers. This not only provide a framework to take a systematic approach to manage our business processes but also mean consistently satisfied customer and boost their confidence in functionality and performance of our products and safety of their operators.

G.A.I Graphic House, a quality-driven firm in Faridabad, Haryana, India. The product range starts with Export Quality Web Offset Printing Machines, Non-woven cloth printing machine, Sheet fed Offset Printing Machines in single color, two color & four color, Pre-Press Equipment & Post Press equipment including (Instant Start Metal Halide Plate Exposure, Plate Making, Flip Top Printing down frame, Paper cutting machine etc.)

We also ensure that all the web Offset, Non- Woven carry bag, Paper bag to bag Printing Machines is supplied by us are of high quality and give higher output to our clients. We have a team of Qualified, Trained & Dedicated Personnel to ensure the quality, which is an inherent feature in all our offset printing machines & services. Our quality management system ensures that our customers get the true value for their money.

All our products are manufacture in such a way so as to confirm to the international standards of quality. Through frequent up gradation of the quality of our products and technology, we have come up with high performing web offset, sheet fed offset printing machines, non-woven bag offset printing machines & Paper Bag Making Machine.

G.A.I Graphics House


In recognition of your dedication, creativity, and commitment to the art of Printing &Packaging industry. This certification acknowledges your proficiency in various design tools, techniques, and the ability to transform ideas into visually compelling creations.

We commend your hard work and enthusiasm in achieving this milestone. May this certificate be a testament to your skills and an inspiration for your future endeavors in the world of Printing & Packaging industry.

Date of Certification:4/8/2023

Founder, G.A.I Graphic House: Inder Singh

Director, G.A.I Graphic House: Ashish Kumar Singh

Director, G.A.I Graphic House: Navdeep Singh

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