Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

One such outstanding Square bottom paper bag making machine is available in the market which comes with various useful configurations which have been summarized below:

  • Numerous wide bag size range
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Easy Operations
  • Automation that reduces overall wastage


  • Reel Feeding Unit
  • Paper bag forming unit
  • Machine Material
  • Finished bag collection unit
  • Machine Electrical panel

Technical Specification

1. Cutting Length 270-530mm 270-530mm
2. Paper Bag Width 140-360mm 230-450mm
3. Bottom Width 80-180mm 100-200mm
4. Paper Bag Thickness 60-150g/m2 ² 60-150g/m2
5. Paper Bag Speed 30-200pcs/min 30-200pcs/min
6. Paper Roll Width 480-1050mm 690-1300mm
7. Paper Diameter 1300mm 1300mm
8. Inner Diameter of Paper 76mm 76mm
9. Power (3 Phase) 15kw 15kw
10. Weight (Approx.) 8500kg 10000kg
11. Dimensions (Approx.) 10000*3700*2200mm 10000*3800*2200mm

Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine (GNSBM-360/GNSBM-460) G.A.I Graphic House is known to producing and manufacturing paper bag machines which are highly innovative and offers a great deal of advanced features which make them stand apart from the rest.

In 1870, Margaret Knight designed a machine to cut, fold and paste paper bag bottoms. This meant that she could produce flat/square-bottomed paper bags, a great improvement on the earlier envelope-style bag design.

Square bottom paper bag making machine has got lot of applications. It can be used to produce shopping bags, grocery bags, food bags, paper bags with handles and stylish bags used for gifts.

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