Good News 4-HI Tower

Ultrasonic Spot Welder for Handle Attachment


  • Lever-type swing-down ink fountain with overrides for ink fountain roller 
  • Dynamically-balanced hard chromium plated solid plate and blanket cylinders 
  • TOn the nose, slit or spring-type plate lock-up system
  • Manual side register system for both plate cylinders, on the run 
  • Electro-mechanical web-break detector
  • Safety guards Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
  • Provision for printing 4 colors on both sides of one web, or 2 colors on both sides of two webs, or single colors on both sides of three webs
  • Heavy-duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units
  • On the run manual adjustment for registration of 4 colors on each side of web
  • Running circumferential register for loading side plate cylinders.
  • Variable-speed motorized dampening .

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