The machine is specially designed for non-woven bags. It seals the bag through ultrasonic heat sealing principle. The machine is fully automatic and have functions like folding, punching, ultrasonic heat sealing, cold cutting etc. It is equipped with computer control screen, step motor to control the length and photo sensors to track accurately and steadily. There are control devices like auto-counting alarming, auto punching etc., which make the finished products well- sealed and nice cutting with high speed and efficiency. It is an advanced machine for all kind of non woven fabric bags like D-cut, D-cut with bottom gusset, side gusset, T-shirt type vest cut bag, Handle shopping bags, Clothing bags, Shoes and other products packaging bags.

Hydraulic Carry Bag Punching Machine

Bag & Lace Sealing Machine(Manual)

Automatic Handle Loop Sealing Machine(Manual)

• Soft handle loop fixing machine is used for non woven hand bag or non woven 3 side box bag.
• The machine can semi-automatic operation, also can fully automatic operation.
• This machine is automatic soft handle loop making and sealing machine.
• By putting the nonwoven fabric rolls, it can make the soft loop automatically, then sealing to the center of bag correctly.