Pending Due 3 Color Satelllite offers: * Ease of operation and superb printing quality are the very special reason for its having an edge over the other machines. Color unit is equipped with an oscillation drums between first and second fro rollers to ensure even and smooth coverage of link,

Pending Due unit gives extra colour facility with least/minimum loss of page capacity and can print:

• Three colours on one side of the web.
• Two colours on outside of the web and one colour inside.
• One colour on outside and two colours on inside of the web

* Pending Due colour unit comprise of printing couples surrounding a common impression cylinder, which facilitates three colour printing.

* Higher quality of 4-colour printing on one side of the web and one colour can be printed when a stack blanket to blanket unit is mounted on this colour unit.

* This similar system is used on high quality Web Offset Presses and has special advantage for colour printing. Special Features: Electro mechanical web detector.

• Centralized oil Pressure lubrication for drive gears.
• Heavy duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units.
• On the run manual adjustment for registration of 4 colours on each side of web.
• Heavy duty side frames are of solid/rigid and graded casting.
• Blanket and plate cylinders are hard chrome plated, dynamically balanced and mounted on dust proof tapered roller bearing for vibration free performance.
• No Complicated plate dampening system.
• Precision gear to maintain registration through-out constant velocity and folding accuracy.